Cixi Kangbo Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in the south side of Hangzhou Gulf Bridge where is beautiful and resourceful.Cixi is called “the plastic kingdom”?by people.

It is about one hour driving from Xiaoshan International airport and Beilun Deepwater Port,so the transportation is very convenient.

Our company is specialized in manufacturing various package containers of the cosmetics.It has a professional team developing and designing for several years,so that our company has strengthen the leading status in the types of neweststryies and highest quality.

Our company has the complete equipment including mould processing,like injection mould,blowing mould,bronzing printing and UV spreading.It can provide customers with private mould in high quality speedily.Thousands of public moulds can also be chosen by customers.

Our company has already become the base of famous cosmetics manufacturer of developing,designing and producing.

Our company always sticks to the following purpose “quality fist,sincere service”.We warmly welcomer you to visit our company and cooperate each other,to create beautiful future together.

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